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  • custom Extension Springs

    Product Description
    Extension springs for trampolineare made of high-elastic spring steel wire with long fatigue life, high elastic force, with wire diameter of 3.0mm/3.2mm/3.5mm and a length of 140mm/190mm/240mm. It can be customized according to the customer's actual using conditions. The hook shape is Germany hook or custom processing. The surface is galvanized or oxide black, which can meet environmental protection requirements and is certified by RoHs. Our company specializes in the production of bed spring for public entertainment or fitness places. It can be customized or produced with standard length of140mm/190mm/240mm.Trampoline spring is also used for trampoline at the children’s playground , high strength ,long fatigue life.

    Spring Specifications
    1. Product Name: Extension springs for trampoline
    2. Product Material: Music wire,high carbon spring steel,stainless steel,copper wire
    3. Wire Diameter: 3.0mm/3.2mm/3.5mm
    4. Surface Treatment: Galvanized, oxidized black
    5. Size/shape: According to your requirement
    6. Additional Process: Smooth, sharpen, and polish
    7. Tolerance Range: According to your requirement
    8. Packing: Inner plastic bags and outer cartons ,shipping with plastic pallet

    Product Pictures
    1. High precision spring
    Our company is a company integrating technology development, spring design, production and processing, sales and service.
    2. Reliable material
    Environment-friendly(RoHs) nickel, zinc, electroplating, gold, silver, copper, black, electrophoresis, dacron (suitable for outdoor use for longer than 98 hours of salt spray testing)
    3. Strong fatigue resistance
    Long - term use can still maintain good elasticity, exposure to harsh environment can still maintain performance, the production material is two times higher than copper, 10 times higher than aluminum.

    Why Choose Us
    1. We have our own factory:Years of management experience to ensure quality of workmanship;
    2. Professional and technical:Strong technical force, sophisticated processing equipment;
    3. Processing customized:Customize according to customer needs;
    4. Quality assurance:Strict production process ensures the production quality of each product;
    5. After-sale protection:We provide perfect after-sales guarantee.

    Our Workshop
    Full equiped with advanced CNC manufacturing machines and test equipments,more than 50 sets of the computer automatic spring coiling machine,temper furnace , grinder machine etc.
    Our Testroom

    Our Warehouse


    The following details are needed for a quotationcustom Extension Springs