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  • Do you watch anime?

    When I was a kid, i watched anime but not now. I am a fan of the anime "Slam dunk" because I love basketball. I was very addicted to the game basketball so whenever there are no NBA, I watched this anime. I am really a fan of Mitsui in the anime. Like him, I love to shoot threes also.

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    I used to watch anime when I was a young teen. dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Case closed, some others I don't remember at the moment, but I don't really care for it anymore


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      Yes, I do watched an anime, its my favorite hobbies since i was a child until now. My favorite anime's to watched are Dragon ball, slam dunk, doraemon,monster rancher. That's my childhood animes favorite, even up to this day I still searching that in YouTube and watch it.


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        This was so me doing my childhood and teen years .I was almost addicted to watching anime like super ted,super Mario,jimjam ,morio and the rest.I do sometimes but not as often as when I was a child.


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          Yes I do
          since childhood I'm watching anime till now. Anime is like my lifetime partner that will never leave me thats why I love it so much. Also it help me to discover lot of things in life and learned from them.


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            Yes I do. I started when I was a kid and I first watched on television. The animes that I first watched are slam dunk, ghost fighter, and flame of recca. From there I remember going back to watching anime on my laptop during high school days up until now.